April 22, 2009

Drawing In Class

This is Will Teodori, a classmate in Computer Art where we have long critiques that offer plenty of sketching time. Will happens to sit in my field of view and is the victim of many bad sketches.


steve said...

Oh, I don't know about the last part there Ammon - this is thoroughly impressive. I'd say he's a very lucky victim. The hair is what I like most about this one especially, though it's a wonderfully drawn face as well. Excellent use of that critique time Ammon!

Ammon said...

Thanks Steve. I think that it is a good use of my time. I am still able to pay attention and I would argue that I pay more attention when I am sketching. At least my mind was in the room.

Will's hair is often pretty big and fun to draw.

JM Rayner said...

love it...will would be a great subject!