February 24, 2012

Post Mugging Get Well Card

Last night a neighbor was robbed at gunpoint. My neighbor teaches Kung Fu and handled the situation spectacularly. This is my tongue in cheek card.
mugging ninja boots harrisburg

February 23, 2012

Linda Thompson Smiles

I gave Mayor Linda Thompson a smile because someone recently questioned my psyche because most of the people I draw do not have a smile. I am pretty sure it is because I have to draw a lot of people that are miserable.
mayor linda thompson harrisburg smiling


A scale for an article on today's the day Harrisburg that is right here.
today's the day harrisburg

February 22, 2012

Mayor Stephen Reed

harrisburg mayor stephen reed
Harrisburg's mayor from 1982 to 2010. While doing much to make improvements in Harrisburg, many of his methods have recently come to light and are proving harmful.

February 16, 2012

Team Bones

This is for a running team from Johns Hopkins. It is for their t-shirts and and literature.
skeleton drawing for johns hopkins running

February 11, 2012

Robert Philbin

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson's 4th communications director is Robert Philbin.

February 09, 2012

Sketchbook Exchange: Man In The Neighborhood

I tried to draw this man that comes through my neighborhood regularly. If I am working outside he will usually give me advice. It is amazing how he does everything that I have to do so much better than me.
bearded man in the neighborhood drawing for moleskine exchange

February 02, 2012