November 29, 2007

This Week At Messiah College

The first of these is Ted Prescott who spoke to us about art and Christianity.

The second is from Tuesday's chapel where Brian Smith spoke about something but nobody seems to know what.

(No one I asked was there that day)


November 24, 2007

Turkey Time

Professor Daniel Finch gave us an assignment for Thanksgiving break which was to draw a postcard with the theme "What Turkey Means To Me." I opted out of doing one about the country of Turkey or drawing what I am thankful for and instead one that touches on some to worries and expectations of preparing the Thanksgiving Feast. I wrote a fictional poem (I am using the term loosely) that goes along with it:

Oh, tasty turkey,
so big and so round,
you nearly weighed
forty-three pounds.

Oiled and seasoned
into the oven you go.
You should take
about five hours or so.

While you were roasting
the table was set.
The whole family was coming,
by car or by jet.

Grandma from Topeka,
Aunt Grace and Suzanne,
all of the cousins from Detroit,
Uncle James in from Pakistan.

Everyone was starving
and waiting for you.
I said, "three more minutes,
or maybe just two."

And finally your timer
beeped loud and clear.
The waiting was over,
Dinner finally here.

The family crowded in
wanting to see
I put on my oven mitts
and got down on one knee.

I opened the door
a small smile on my face
but there in the oven
was a terrible disgrace.

You were not golden brown,
and not even warm.
you were colder in the oven
than back on the farm.

Well apparently
said my cousin Ron
while we are cooking
we should turn the oven on.

November 20, 2007

Frog Song

This is another assignment Professor Daniel Finch's drawing class. We were to draw a song of our choice (one with no lyrics). I used a piece of a song composed by Bach and came up with a short story to illustrate. I like the ink a few of these but hate the watercolors. Terrible, terrible choices.

November 18, 2007

From the Church Sketchbook

A tip of the hat to the upcoming holiday in this mornings message. We spent this evening with some friends and a couple of Navigators (Christian missionaries). The one flew C-7 Caribous during the Vietnam War, among other things. This is a terrible C-7 but he knew what it was when he saw it, I guess that is a start.


November 16, 2007

Strange Head

Justin Speaks

Justin Ashcraft spoke during the Tuesday chapel about getting through these tired times of the semester.

Justin is a student chaplain but does much, much better than so many folks that come to speak at Messiah College. No propaganda, he can relate to the students, he used a bible, etc.

November 11, 2007

When in a car...

...with no other cars with drivers or passengers to draw, try drawing your own hand.

It is very comfortable to draw other people while I am traveling because they cannot see that I am drawing them and probably just think I have a staring problem. I like to sketch people from life but I have getting caught because I usually caricature everything I can and it is not always flattering. This is why I don't like the front row in class because I draw like crazy. While this may seem rude...actually it is rude...but it does keep me focused on at least taking notes and thinking about the lecture and keeps me from wandering off into my own little world.

Anywho...all that to say, here is my caricatured hand.

From the Church Sketchbook

Pastor Jason Mitchell spoke this morning about living through giving to kick off the LCBC campaign with Habitat for Humanity. LCBC plans on building a house this spring.

I definitely got carried away with this caricature. This doesn't look too much like him and he does not look this old.

November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Christen!

Another terrible scan. The card is not actually yellow at all.


This is my best rendering of a toilet yet.

This was drawn for a class headed up by Professor David Kasparek. I will let the mystery behind this drawing run wild for a bit. I am enjoying not telling my classmates what it means becuase their guesses are jolly.

Wednesday Nights

We go to a bible study on Wednesday nights where we have just started reading through the book of James. He says slow to anger which I do. I slowly get angry over 2 to3 seconds.

November 06, 2007

More From NY

This picture pretty much sums up how I felt when in NY, NY last week.

I started it on the way there and have added birds and color during the last few days.

November 05, 2007

November 02, 2007


This is my one ok piece from today's trip to NY.

It started as some random fellow on the street but I gave him a duck after overhearing another lady on the street calling someone a duckhead on her cellphone.

i think she said "duckhead..." but I cannot hear that well so it could have been something else.