November 02, 2007


This is my one ok piece from today's trip to NY.

It started as some random fellow on the street but I gave him a duck after overhearing another lady on the street calling someone a duckhead on her cellphone.

i think she said "duckhead..." but I cannot hear that well so it could have been something else.


enigma said...

brilliant, as usual. i especially like the bronze-like skin, very cool. nice touch with the bird's nest!

Debbie Egizio said...

Very cool image! Love all of your pieces!

studio lolo said...

Oh, I'm sure it was "Duckhead!" Especially in a tame place like NY :) Thanks for the huge laugh. Love the sketch too. And thanks for the comment on my hats post. I'm honored you liked it, really, you're one of my idols. And hurray, you bought a Moleskine! Please share what you fill it with, if you care to. I'd love to be a voyeur!