April 28, 2011

Self Portrait

I wanted a new self portrait to sit over on my website (ammonperry.com) which is my official online portfolio. I pulled the old junk down and am creating new work and another promotional piece. This portrait has also become my Facebook profile picture and my Twitter avatar (I am 2nst, I have not twittered myself but I really love following the local news through twitter).

I made this animated version in Photoshop using layers and the tween function. It is a little rough but it was a lot of fun.

April 26, 2011

Beavergate Harrisburg

After breaking a large water main in the city of Harrisburg that resulted in reduced water pressure, a city wide boil water advisory that lasted for several days, and the closing of many city businesses and government buildings the construction company claimed that local beavers were to blame for weakening the pipes.

I believe that beavers can tell the difference between pipes and trees.

As a side note, Mayor Linda Thompson failed to address her constituents until days after it all started. In fact the boil water advisory did not take place until at least a day later.

Click HERE to follow the Harrisburg Beavers as they defend themselves on Twitter.

See this article for the background to HARRISBURG'S BEAVERGATE.

April 21, 2011

Moleskine Exchange

Here is the blog that follows all 12 participants of the exchange.

April 19, 2011

Church Sketcbook

 lcbc lancaster county bible church sketchbook paul  illustration ammon perry christianity

This is not from the service but while I was waiting for Steph to finish up. I sort of made up the coffee bar and background a little bit. I also left out all of the other people around this guy.

April 11, 2011

Church Sketcbook

john wilkinson lcbc lancaster county bible church sketchbook paul philosiphy illustration ammon perry christianity
Pastor John Wilkinson this last weekend at LCBC talking about big ideas and living.

April 02, 2011

Meredith's Dog

I will be able to visit a friend this week in Brooklyn and this little thing is her dog. All around fun project since I got to draw and I am really enjoying making little frames too.

Dog: Ink and watercolor

Frame: Maple with walnut splines.