April 26, 2011

Beavergate Harrisburg

After breaking a large water main in the city of Harrisburg that resulted in reduced water pressure, a city wide boil water advisory that lasted for several days, and the closing of many city businesses and government buildings the construction company claimed that local beavers were to blame for weakening the pipes.

I believe that beavers can tell the difference between pipes and trees.

As a side note, Mayor Linda Thompson failed to address her constituents until days after it all started. In fact the boil water advisory did not take place until at least a day later.

Click HERE to follow the Harrisburg Beavers as they defend themselves on Twitter.

See this article for the background to HARRISBURG'S BEAVERGATE.


Guy said...

Ammon, this caricature is fantastic. May I use it in my upcoming sermon this Sunday? I will explicitly credit you and your blog.

Ammon said...

Definitely. I will email you a larger version to use.