October 31, 2011

Super Mark D. Schwartz

My first illustration of Mark D. Schwartz the attorney that was hired by Harrisburg City Council to advocate on the behalf of Harrisburg in bankruptcy proceedings. Schwartz has also acted in an off Broadway play. This is for Today's The Day Harrisburg and I used my own sketch for reference that you can see here.

Nevin Mindlin

Nevin Mindlin of harrisburg pa for today's the day harrisburg by ammon perry
Former Mayoral Candidate for Harrisburg, Pa.  and an advocate for better local government and fiscal conservancy. This is for this article Today's The Day Harrisburg.

October 28, 2011

For Today's The Day Harrisburg

For an article in Today's The Day Harrisburg on the next steps in the city of Harrisburg's journey through a financial crisis. I would write "a journey out of a financial crisis" but it seems that were not doing that yet. Here is the link to Today's The Day Harrisburg.
harrisburg receiver
hands of harrisburg city council not accepting the mayor's plan
ink and watercolor cartoon of a town crier

October 20, 2011

October 10, 2011

Gloria Martin Roberts

Harrisburg, Pa. City Council President, Gloria Martin Roberts.
harrisburg city council president Gloria Martin Roberts

October 09, 2011

Church Sketchbook: Superman

The title of the current series of sermons at church is called "Near Sighted" or something like that. Other than the title this drawing has nothing to do with church.

October 08, 2011

Post Card

For a friend that I have seen call wild owls to himself.

October 05, 2011

Brad Koplinski

Harrisburg, Pa. city councilmen Brad Koplinski. For Today's The Day Harrisburg
brad koplinski by ammon perry for todays the day harrisburg

October 02, 2011

Baby Crane

Or baby delivery crane. We are off to a baby party with this thing as a gift.
In it's frame: