November 18, 2008

Quick Sketches In NYC

Drawing In Class

On top is a sketch from Art Seminar with Mr. Ted Prescott which was created after a pop-quiz that I am somehow never really prepared for. That day resulted in zero. I am so brilliant.

On the bottom is Mr. Ed Knippers, the painter that also makes woodblock prints. He was a guest "lecturer" for Mr. Don Forsythe's intaglio class. He actually carved a woodblock and proofed it as we watched, took notes, and asked questions.

Random Sketches

Nathean and Isaiah

My new nephew and my brother-in-law Nathean. I am sure that Nathean would like me to say that he does not actually look this glum or stern.

From The Church Sketchbook (Catching Up)

Rich Stearns of World Vision spoke at LCBC a few weeks ago. A sketch of Senior High Pastor John Wilkinson from even longer ago and Pastor Keith Walker from this last weekend. The pistol is not really relevant.

November 17, 2008

Messiah College: Boyer Hall & Chapel

This was for the same assignment as the previous post. The painting of the bridge was chosen.