April 27, 2009

Computer Art Problem

I don't remember the exact criteria for the assignment but I basically took a few of my sketches of faces, lined up the pupils of each character, and adjusted the levels of each accordingly. Each image has between 10 and 12 images.

April 26, 2009

Party Like A Roman

Acclamation Dancers

Sketch from the Acclamation Dancers concert at Messiah College this weekend.

A Little More Drawing In Class


Amanda Has A Dream

...about her brother turning into a dog and then dying.

Church Sketchbook

Pastor David Ashcraft discusses personal finances at LCBC.

Artistic Influences and the Voices

In Advanced Drawing & Painting with professor Daniel Finch we discussed our influences in art as well as the way that we talk about art. The one is on Kelly Neibert who is an exceptional painter and the other is some of my notes on our discussion.

After The Show

April 23, 2009

More Computer Art Critique

Top: Courtney Cope (sort of looks like her)
Middle: Elena Yamamato
Bottom: Crystal, Kerrie, Kathleen, Katie, and Will

Mr. Ted Prescott on Sculpture

From our Construction & Assemblage class. The question at the bottom was not actually asked.


Inventor of the first reliable ball-point pen and my favorite sketch for this map.

Boiling Springs High School

My friend Carolyn is a student teacher at nearby Boiling Springs HS. She asked if I would visit the Cartooning and Illustration class that she helps in. I took a pile of sketchbooks, some finished illustration work and cartoons, pens, pencils, and butchers try of watercolor. I fielded a few questions and this student asked if I would draw him which I attempted to do quickly. After that I talked with a few students and looked at some of their work. It was a good day.

I am not sure that I would really have cared when I was in high school but I do think that cartooning and illustration classes in high school is awesome.

Even More (Exciting) Randomness!


Two sketches of my friend Lindsay who I have had two classes with this semester. You can see a tiny bit of her awesome work here.

Broken Glasses

My trusty glasses finally broke. My attempts to glue them back together failed and I drove home with one half over one eye. Half-way home I remembered that I had electrical tape in my car so I used that to tape the middle Urkel style. For the rest of the trip the glasses slowly bent in half at the tape making Pennsylvania a little more interesting.

The whole thing had me a little worried because it took over 2 weeks to get the pair that broke (I have some serious eye issues). Two weeks would just be crazy. Anyway, I did end up getting new ones in about an hour. Awesome. Unawesome is that I missed one class and the second round of artists talks.

I drew these during my attempts to glue them halves together and later during the hour of waiting for the new glasses.

Artists Talks

Senior art students at Messiah College are all part of an exhibition and get to talk about their work in a formal presentation, complete with a powerpoint and donuts. There were no donuts but someday there will be nothing but donuts.

From the top: Samantha Kahler, Angelina Hein, Cindy Agoncillo, Crystal Ridge, and Phil Scheer. Again, as with everything I do, just because I didn't sketch you pretty, doesn't make it not true.

This was the first round of artists talks. I missed the second round. Read the tragic story here.

At Phil's Birthday Party

The masterpiece that Phil and I collaborated on.

Dripping wax from the birthday cake candles.

More Random Order

Random Order

Advanced Drawing Critique Sketches

A few quick sketches from an advanced drawing critique. Mara Sousa, Ross Lehman, and Kelly Neibert (sort of).

April 22, 2009

Drawing In Class

This is Will Teodori, a classmate in Computer Art where we have long critiques that offer plenty of sketching time. Will happens to sit in my field of view and is the victim of many bad sketches.

Happy Birthday Josh!

April 21, 2009

Isle of Pens, A Map

This is a project for Computer Art. The assignment is called Artistic Mapping. Hand drawn characters and tons of photoshop. Too much photoshop, I say.

April 05, 2009

The Mocking Birds

A project for advanced drawing. I am very happy with it but I do like something about the idea. I would have enjoyed this more if I had photographed it on a busy sidewalk where people would have had to at least navigate around it and interact with it in some way. I like the idea this thing that I have started calling "interference art."