December 23, 2011

A Christmas Robin

robin drawing gift
This is a robin made with ink and watercolor and placed in the first white frame that I have made. It is a gift for Christmas.

December 19, 2011

Tree Drawing

This is a birthday gift that I never posted but I kind of like it so I am now.
birthday gift tree drawing

Christmas Street Light

A Christmas street light for an  essay on today's the day Harrisburg.
Christmas street light harrisburg

December 18, 2011

Goofy Reindeer

goofy reindeer Christmas gift

A gift for a Christmas party.

November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Sketches

bbq sketch
anxious man sketch
Just a couple of sketches from the Thanksgiving break. I wanted to post something since it has been a while and I am in the middle of a never ending project.

November 18, 2011

Moleskine Exhange

I made a pop-up house recently and now I can't stop. One mistake on my part was to assemble the last house before drawing on it. I also sort of like the envelope.

November 17, 2011

The Deal Pipeline

My drawing of Mark D. Schwartz is running in an article by Aviva Gat in today's The Deal Pipeline. Below is an excerpt:
the deal mark d schwartz aviva gat

November 15, 2011

Joe Paterno

joe paterno on the sidelines holding a flat football
I am simply not a sports fan and I did not go to Penn State but I do understand that Joe Paterno is a legend. I have to know that because I live in Pennsylvania. I put this drawing of Joe on t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs over on Cafe Press. Here is the link:

November 13, 2011

Illustrations for Today's The Day Harrisburg

dollar sign ammon perry for today's the day harrisburg
homeless man bankrupt illustration for today's the day harrisburg
Two illustrations for Today's the Day Harrisburg. The dollar sign is for an article on the bumpy proccess that Harrisburg is moving along as it attempts to deal with over 300 million dollars of debt. The article, A Process Designed to Fail by Tara Leo Auchey, can be found here.

The image of the homeless man with a cardboard bankruptcy sign is for another article on Today's the Day Harrisburg called An Appeal From a Resident of the City of Harrisburg by Rabbi Carl S. Choper is a plea that was presented Federal Bankruptcy Judge Mary D. France in hopes that Harrisburg will be admitted into the bankruptcy process. The article can be found here .

8 Victims

Part of the drawing that I did for a Patriot News article (that you can find HERE) about child abuse laws in Pennsylvania in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky rape scandal. The drawing is also in today's hard copy edition.

November 10, 2011

General James Mattis

In celebration of the 236th birthday of the US Marine Corps. General James Mattis said "Demonstrate to the world there is “No Better Friend — No Worse Enemy than a US Marine." to the 1st Marine Division shortly before the 2003 Iraq war.
Us Marine General James Mattis quote

November 08, 2011

Nittany Lion Crying

ammon perry nittany lion crying penn state logo jerry sandusky
This "cartoon" is for Harrisburg's newspaper The Patriot News which ran today along with an in depth editorial about the former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Apparel is now available with this image HERE.

October 31, 2011

Super Mark D. Schwartz

My first illustration of Mark D. Schwartz the attorney that was hired by Harrisburg City Council to advocate on the behalf of Harrisburg in bankruptcy proceedings. Schwartz has also acted in an off Broadway play. This is for Today's The Day Harrisburg and I used my own sketch for reference that you can see here.

Nevin Mindlin

Nevin Mindlin of harrisburg pa for today's the day harrisburg by ammon perry
Former Mayoral Candidate for Harrisburg, Pa.  and an advocate for better local government and fiscal conservancy. This is for this article Today's The Day Harrisburg.

October 28, 2011

For Today's The Day Harrisburg

For an article in Today's The Day Harrisburg on the next steps in the city of Harrisburg's journey through a financial crisis. I would write "a journey out of a financial crisis" but it seems that were not doing that yet. Here is the link to Today's The Day Harrisburg.
harrisburg receiver
hands of harrisburg city council not accepting the mayor's plan
ink and watercolor cartoon of a town crier

October 20, 2011

October 10, 2011

Gloria Martin Roberts

Harrisburg, Pa. City Council President, Gloria Martin Roberts.
harrisburg city council president Gloria Martin Roberts

October 09, 2011

Church Sketchbook: Superman

The title of the current series of sermons at church is called "Near Sighted" or something like that. Other than the title this drawing has nothing to do with church.

October 08, 2011

Post Card

For a friend that I have seen call wild owls to himself.

October 05, 2011

Brad Koplinski

Harrisburg, Pa. city councilmen Brad Koplinski. For Today's The Day Harrisburg
brad koplinski by ammon perry for todays the day harrisburg

October 02, 2011

Baby Crane

Or baby delivery crane. We are off to a baby party with this thing as a gift.
In it's frame:

September 29, 2011

Mayor Linda Thompson Wants In

Mayor Linda Thompson initially claimed that she would be part of the state board that is to run Harrisburg. She mentioned this just before state legislation was announced that would effectively remove her from the table. For Today's The Day Harrisburg.
Mayor Linda Thompson of Harrisburg drawn by Ammon Perry

September 28, 2011

Glen Grell the Magician

Pennsylvania State Representative Glen Grell amends successfully amends Senate Bill 1151 to further remove the voting power of the people of Harrisburg. It is quite the conundrum- support Mr. Grell and take away the right to vote- the fundamental right- or simply sit back and watch the city of Harrisburg's current municipal leadership continue to do nothing about Harrisburg's financial debt. 

Glenn For Nora

A second drawing for friends and their new baby Nora. This one is of the family's mastiff whose name is Glenn. The first is here.
drawing of a dog for a baby gift by ammon perry

Moleskin Exchange

I haven't posted any of these in a while but the gist of the moleskin exchange is this: 12 people from across the U.S. draw 4.5 images in a moleskin that they have purchased or stolen. They then mail it to the next person in the chain. The person that recieves it finishes the last drawing and then completes another 4.5 drawings. Over the course of a year or so, 12 books are filled up and finally returned to their owner. For you Harrisburgers, that is Mayor Linda Thompson reacting to the press. Sometimes, right after I wake up, I watch WHBG 20 and sketch.

mayor linda thompson of harrisburg reacting to the press on WHBG 20 drawn by Ammon Perry editorial illustration

September 23, 2011

Wave Like The Queen!

Our mayor in Harrisburg will, at times, literally wave like the queen. Here is the machine that will do this for you. This drawing is the slightly more refined version of this previous one. The image is for Today's The Day Harrisburg.

mayor linda thompson of harrisburg machine that waves like the queen and the mayor by ammon perry for today's the day harrisburg

Mayor Linda Thompson In a Boat

During the great flood of 2011 Mayor Linda Thompson toured the areas most effected by the flood in a boat. Par for the course of her tenure she boggled the leadership responsibilities required of a mayor during perilous times.

mayor linda thompson of harrisburg in a river rescue boat with pearls on touring shipoke during a flood drawn by illustrator ammon perry with pen and ink and watercolor for today's the day harrisburg
This image is for Today's The Day Harrisburg.

September 20, 2011

PSC Annual Report

Pennsylvania securities commission annual report cover of a bear and a bull on a tightrope illustrated by ammon perry and design work by stephanie perry
This is for the Pennsylvania Securites Commission Annual Report. One image is the illustration alone and the other is after Steph integrated it into her design of the whole report.This is the third year that we have been able to work on this together and the other two are here and here.

September 05, 2011

ammon perry illustration harrisburg pa city council patriot news cartoon
This is a cartoon for Harrisburg, Pa.'s paper The Patriot News and depicts the seven members of city council.

August 31, 2011

Meeting Sketch

My sketch from this evenings very important city council meeting in Harrisburg.
sketch during a harrisburg city council meeting of men on roller skates dodging fish by ammon perry

August 30, 2011


No new images just new frames. All poplar with walnut splines, stained and polyurethaned with wet sanding between coats.
frames made of poplar with walnut splines for illustrations by ammon perry

August 24, 2011

Corky Goldstein Again

corky goldstein harrisburg lawyer as a parking meter illustration by ammon perry
Another try at Harrisburg's Corky Goldstein. I have not posted much lately thanks to a marathon production of picture frames.

July 25, 2011

Gloria Martin-Roberts

Gloria Martin-Roberts is Harrisburg's City Council President. In the second image she is spanking (or attempting to) City Council member Brad Koplinski. Both are for Today's The Day Harrisburg.

gloria martin-roberts spanking brad koplinski harrisburg city council

July 19, 2011