November 13, 2011

Illustrations for Today's The Day Harrisburg

dollar sign ammon perry for today's the day harrisburg
homeless man bankrupt illustration for today's the day harrisburg
Two illustrations for Today's the Day Harrisburg. The dollar sign is for an article on the bumpy proccess that Harrisburg is moving along as it attempts to deal with over 300 million dollars of debt. The article, A Process Designed to Fail by Tara Leo Auchey, can be found here.

The image of the homeless man with a cardboard bankruptcy sign is for another article on Today's the Day Harrisburg called An Appeal From a Resident of the City of Harrisburg by Rabbi Carl S. Choper is a plea that was presented Federal Bankruptcy Judge Mary D. France in hopes that Harrisburg will be admitted into the bankruptcy process. The article can be found here .


Anonymous said...

Ammon, Fantastic illustration in The Patriot News (11/14/11) about the Penn State abuse scandal. Your illustration sums up the hurt and pain these poor victims had to endure at the hands of a mad man!

Ammon said...

Thank you. It is a terrible tragedy.