May 25, 2008

From The Church Sketchbook

This morning at LCBC (Lancaster County Bible Church) Pastor David Ashcraft spoke about living our lives with purpose and not just existing here.

May 23, 2008

Prophets I Final

This is an illustration (in a moleskin) that accompanied a short paper that was the final for Prophets I with Professor Brian Smith at Messiah College. The paper was about avoiding interpretation of scripture that excludes women from becoming close to God.

May 22, 2008

Recent Sketches

My friend Brian (you can see his illustration work here and here) recently left a comment about that fact that I have been posting for no good reason. He is right. Thanks for the kick in the backside Brian.

Doodling in Class

I am currently taking a Ceramics class that fortunately still allows for some sketching time.

Doodling in Class

These are a few doodles from my History of Modern Art class that was taught last semester by Professor Brenton Good. 

Doodling In Class

These are doodles from my Prophets I class taught by Professor Brian Smith at Messiah College this last semester. I really do pay attention. Most of these are loosely based on the discussion during class. 

May 08, 2008

Noah II

The last five illustrations for my Typography class final.


Dove leaving for good

The ark has landed

One of the clean animals

Repopulating the earth, from one family

Noah I

Five of ten illustrations for my Typography class final.

Noah walks with God 

The Evil People

Noah builds the ark

Loading the animals

On the ark for forty days