May 08, 2008

Noah II

The last five illustrations for my Typography class final.


Dove leaving for good

The ark has landed

One of the clean animals

Repopulating the earth, from one family


stephanie said...

Oh great. That is hilarious! :)

studio lolo said...

I love the clean Gnu. Do I see bubbles ? :)))

Brine Blank said...

The bottom one is pretty funny...BUT you need to get it back in can't use work, school, personal issues, threat of war, famine, etc. to stop posting or slow to such a crawl.

Topeka Nelsons said...

Awesome! You continue to amaze me-good work!

Raluca C said...

ha,haa!!Ma favourite is the ''oh,great'' landing:)))Great job!!

Jeremy Botts said...

Ammon. I showed your Noah book the other day to a class and then thought I'd check to see what you've been up to. Good stuff I see. All the best. Jeremy Botts