November 11, 2007

When in a car...

...with no other cars with drivers or passengers to draw, try drawing your own hand.

It is very comfortable to draw other people while I am traveling because they cannot see that I am drawing them and probably just think I have a staring problem. I like to sketch people from life but I have getting caught because I usually caricature everything I can and it is not always flattering. This is why I don't like the front row in class because I draw like crazy. While this may seem rude...actually it is rude...but it does keep me focused on at least taking notes and thinking about the lecture and keeps me from wandering off into my own little world.

Anywho...all that to say, here is my caricatured hand.

1 comment:

Brian B said... supervisor always has to defend me to the big boss because my sketching keeps me focused but sometimes comes across as 'rude' really stinks not having any other artistic people in the area...and it's funny because there is also the same issues with regards to drawing people...I go back and forth on real vs. caricature on people and try my best not to get caught 'studying'...many a times I had to go explain after the fact so that I felt comfortable with them knowing I wasn't a stalker...and shoot me an email if you don't mind and I'll give you the 'heads-up' as I haven't been intentionally ignoring the question.