August 05, 2008

New Watercolor

I have been trying to slow down the rate at which I draw something (including in my sketchbook) and working on a new watercolor technique.


Andrea said...

I have never tried watercolor, maybe I should - the tones you are getting here are gorgeous!

Ammon said...

Thanks Andrea!

I think you might like it and I can see how it would fit into your work. Watercolor is definitely a long road for me (just as everything artisitic is for me) and I have made a lot of style changes, if I can call any a style. I like what I am doing now, I think. I have to force myself to slow down and be patient. For these I put down many layers of watercolor even though they are on sketchbook paper. As long as it is dry between washes the paper holds up. Some parts have about 10 layers.