August 26, 2008

Moleskin Exchange

I had Olympic fever. I watched as much as I could including Michael Phelps, beach volleyball, and gymnastics. I wanted to see kayaking but I guess that sport does not pay NBC's bills. I am surprised by how much I was into the games. I hate watching sports on tv. Hate it I tell you.

My British brother-in-law commented to me that the American coverage of the sport is only of the American athletes. I have to agree. While I was rooting for the U.S., I think it would have been great to see more all around coverage.


studio lolo said...

hey, those were the same three sports I focused on watching too! Did you hear what a typical meal was for Phelps? But of course then he swims 5 miles a day and burns it right off.
My husband is back east visiting friends and family and they're all in shock by how much weight he's put on. He's been telling him that he's on the Michael Phelps eating plan, he's just not on his exercise plan :D

Great stuff Ammon! I agree about us mostly showing US teams, but I'll bet each country did the same thing in their networks. Would we really care as much about watching them if they focused on Uzbekistan of Finlandia? uh, no.

Andrea said...

Phelps has the most amazingly long body I have ever seen. It kind of creeps me out.