June 20, 2011

Senator Jeffrey Piccola

senator jeffrey piccola senate bill 1151 for act 47 harrisburg pa by ammon perry illustration

Senator Jeffery Piccola has authored Pa. Senate Bill 1151 which provides for a board take over of certain cities in Pa. that decide against adopting the mandates of Act 47 (a state program that is ideally supposed to help distressed cities overcome financial difficulties).


Something Different said...

I feel like I can tell which of these political types you respect by how you draw them. Is that assumptive? Of course it is, but I think you respect this man. Some of the others you've drawn, not so much.

Ammon said...

This is my fault, definitely not, at least right now. I wanted him to look subtly ridiculous.

Something Different said...

Oh he does, I guess I was just trying to read too much in.