February 21, 2009


These are from Advanced Drawing with Professor Daniel Finch where we were asked to respond to the photographed display. The first response was made during one class period. The second was made over a weekend (the dark blue piece). The final piece was done over a week. My response was the triptych which has several problems. Anywho, the dark blue piece was made with many, many layers of water colour and ink applied with my newly acquired airbrush. Details were applied with a brush. The white highlights were made with Dr. Ph. Martin's bleed proof white ink.

The triptych was made with two trusty Koh-I-Nor rapidographs, one with Higgins water proof blue ink and the other with black ink.


steve said...

These are pretty darn amazing Ammon! The time and energy that went into these delicate drawings is mind-boggling. Wonderful job man.

Ammon said...

Thanks Steve. I didn't really receive any good feedback and very little negative feedback which might be worse.