February 05, 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

We watched "Rivers and Tides," a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy in Construction and Assemblage class.


steve said...

Great job man. I really love Goldsworthy, and it wasn't until i watched this film that I had a far deeper appreciation for his art. Shortly before viewing the film, he and his crew walked right by me at the National Gallery in DC, as they were installing a permanent work there. I eventually took a rode trip to Mountainville, NY to visit the giant, 500 acre sculpture park that is Storm King. The very far end of the park finishes off with a giant stone wall piece by Goldsworthy, that looks as if it goes into the Hudson River and comes up and out on the other side (though it really doesn't). If you ever get a chance, I strongly recommend going there - it was cheap and lots of fun (and probably not too far a drive for you).

Ammon said...

Thanks Steve. I had no idea that he had anything near by. Thanks very much. I really am a fan of his. I am really glad that he is popular too without going the way of Kinkade.