January 05, 2008

From The Church Sketchbook

From this evening's church service.


Brine Blank said...

Isn't it strange how doodling actually helps certain of us to pay attention??? I have to be covert too during service on the bulletins because I'm afraid people will think I'm not paying attention...now if I was balancing my check book, planning my calendar or clipping coupons...

Great pic and the paper adds to this with the coloration...was it like that or is that of your hand??? Great to have a life preserver eh?

Ammon said...

I am sure that people probably think that I am not really paying attention. The people that think that probably are paying less attention than I am...I really am paying attention.

Doodling definitely helps me stay in class (or the sermon) and keeps me from thinking about whatever else.

This one is out of my head, this evening was a communion service and we read about our salvation. And yes, the best life preserver.