November 15, 2006

Why I Sit In the Second Row

There are three great reasons to sit in the second row during class:
1. Sometimes teachers spit while they lecture but very few spit far enough to hit the second row
2. The second row is still close enough to see everything that is going on
3. It is easier to hide the pictures you draw on your notes

This is picture of Dr. Van Dyke, the toughest teacher I have ever had. Extremely challenging. Ouch.


Jon said...

No no no. It's all about the back row. I'm a back row dweller.

Ammon said...

Incredibly, I am not surprised. Does it make you paranoid to have people sitting behind you? Thanks for commenting.

Jon said...

How did you know it makes me paranoid? What sort of thoughts do you have about me that you're not surprised?