May 28, 2012

Sketches From Maine

maine maritime museum bath maine
Caulker's Shed, Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine. When I draw buildings I usually get done and remember why I don't draw buildings.

lobster pinching lip
Another reason not to like lobster. I really don't like seafood that crawls around on the ocean floor. I also hate banana-strawberry yogurt but not for the same reason.
man yelling at girls in park
This is a true story. Steph and were sitting in a park drawing (she was reading) and this man became annoyed with two little girls, that he was not with, because they did not say his dog was cute after they said another nearby dog was cute. I think that he was overreacting.
These are a few of the sketches that I completed this last week while visiting Maine. I love that place.

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Something Different said...

Lol, Facts about Ammon, no bottom dwellers or banana strawberry yogurt. Good to know.