September 29, 2009

Mass Framage

I have been doing a little framing for some new and old work. The one is a thank you gift and the three make up my work for a group show of local "artists" from a recent gallery walk.

The one frame on the left has no mat because I miscut the one piece that I had left. I sprayed a board black with an airbrush and then mounted the drawing directly too it. I think that it works alright due to the deckled edges of the heavy paper. A good mat cutter is coming soon. I can feel it.


Rita said...

They all look good. I really like the one without the frame!

Andrea said...

These look sharp!

I got your postcard! Thanks! due to being on vacation I now have a few postcard stamps, look for a postcard in your mailbox soon!

Ammon said...