August 10, 2009

Capital Watch

This is an illustration for Capital Watch. The last one is the final and accompanies some article that I have not seen. The three main characters are Rep. Todd Eachus, Gov. Ed Rendell, and Rep. Dwight Evans. The rest are sketches that were made prior to starting the final. The very first one is the pencil work that was sent in for an o.k. prior to adding color and ink. Thanks Steph for helping with the scanned final image!


Eclecticity said...

Ammon, please send all your graphics design friends here:

I need a great logo. Please help me get the word out. Thanks, E.

Ammon said...

I will do that right now.

Brine Blank said...

That worked out to be pretty tight! Good job keeping everything in line with so much going on.