January 15, 2009

Drawing In Class

DISCLAIMER: Please do not shank me on the way to class, I do not always sketch accurately. You probably don't actually look like this. Please refrain from attempting to kill me.

These sketches were made during our "Artistic Influences" presentation during the fall semester. I didn't sketch a few people: Crystal, Lindsey, and Amanda HS or the sketch was so bad that I could not tell who it was supposed to be. In this set from top to bottom: Matt, Cindy, Stephen, Phil, Gwen, & Angelina, and Corrie.


Eclecticity said...

Have you "done" Obama? Love to see it! E.

Brine Blank said...

Don't Shank me....that is awesome...are you watching for people breaking plastic lunch trays and slipping shards into their britches?

Ammon said...

That is funny Brian. I am not yet. I have been at home in my new basement studio where nobody can find me.

No Obama yet but possibly soon.