June 02, 2008

Editorial Cartoons

I have recently been given the job of drawing editorial cartoons for Capital Watch. Capital Watch is a monthly paper that focuses on state level issues here in Pennsylvania.

While drawing cartoons for a paper I have to constantly remind myself to leave out details and to keep the message as simple as possible in order to gather in a larger audience. It is a fun process and a good break from my normal drawing style.

For each month I am given a subject to editorialize and I return ideas. One is picked, changes are made, I get out a brush and a bottle of ink and finish it off. The first cartoon is about taxpayer funding local water treatment facilities that process the water that runs into the Chesapeake Bay. To be effective the tax burden would be somewhat enormous. The second cartoons has to do with Pennsylvania's everlasting debate about allowing the local grocer to sell beer (in Pa. beer buyers must go to specialty stores). The concern is that local brews and small beer companies won't have the shelf space in the grocery stores. I am not concerned with any of this and I am still a little unclear about the actual problem.

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